Konacom has developed a revolutionary new software-based technology that cost-effectively delivers high speed internet, particularly suited to geographies currently restricted by existing infrastructure and technology.

The internet has entered a new era. A massive shift to real time streaming is fueling exponential demand for broadband. Broadband has the power to transform how people work, play and connect with the rest of the world. But many people can’t get broadband into their homes and businesses, and cell phones simply don't provide the quantity of data they need at a reasonable price.

With Konacom service, more than a billion people worldwide can now have access to low cost, high speed internet.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the transformative power of broadband to billions of people around the globe.

In order to deliver the best possible customer experience to broadband users at an affordable price, we will work with knowledgeable, experienced partners for distribution and implementation.

We support our local communities and provide free service to schools wherever we operate. 




As streaming applications for work, play and entertainment have become the norm, the demand for high speed internet is increasing at a rapid pace. Konacom's cloud-based software and simple hardware solution can be quickly deployed and provide service virtually anywhere around the globe. We have identified demand in global markets exceeding a billion people. 

A software, cloud-based solution, operating in the unlicensed spectrum, for the first time provides low cost high speed broadband to reach people regardless of where they live.
— Peter Stanforth, Founder & CTO