Konacom partners with the world's leading telecoms, ISP's, content providers and technology companies with the goal of reaching billions of new customers around the globe.

Konacom has 5G, software-based wireless broadband internet technology. The entire network – all the software - is managed in the cloud.  This eliminates the need for a mobile switching center or base station controllers, a significant hardware expense in other wireless systems. Our technology allows us to monitor and manage spectrum to optimize capacity, which allows us to scale on the unlicensed spectrum.

Since all intelligence and control elements reside in software, the only hardware required is off-the-shelf and low cost, making our software easy and inexpensive to deploy. No trenching fiber.  No laying cable.

The Konacom network is powered by our end to end software solution -- all components are fully integrated -- from network management, network monitoring, and spectrum management to customer acquisition and activation, prepaid and postpaid billing customer management, and customer care.  This results in both cost efficiencies and seamless, high quality service to the customer. We can easily manage and monitor any network in the world from one location.


A simple SOLUTION that can change the world

Our revolutionary technology allows partners to deliver broadband to geographies currently restricted by existing technology and infrastructure. Affordable broadband access fuels economic growth and quality jobs, improves education, public safety and health care, and enables global connected citizens. 

Because we are wireless, we are able to provide the first high speed internet to regions and communities that are not reached by fiber or cable. This software combined with our innovative, customized end-to-end customer management system means that we can provide a complete broadband internet system at a fraction of the cost.  

our revolutionary new technology

  • All system intelligence is in software

  • 1/10 cost of existing technologies

  • Massively scalable -- managed in the cloud

  • Flexible delivery -- software and hardware combination allows for regional delivery