Why Software Based Wireless Broadband is the Only Way to Reach the Next Billion


Konacom wireless broadband delivers the economics over traditional providers

Global demand for internet today is very different from that of only a few years ago.  A solution has to offer broadband speeds (high data rates) as customers are demanding streaming services, which is a much higher demand on the network resources than basic email or web browsing. For example, streaming music from Spotify during the day, online video tutorials for homework in the afternoon, and then Netflix for family entertainment in the evening, can utilize 20-80 Gigabits of data per month.

For many parts of the world there is a lack of basic ‘wired’ infrastructure. In rural America, it means no broadband cable or fiber. In suburban areas of emerging markets, not only is there no cable or fiber infrastructure, but in many cases there is sparse wired telephone service.  As a result, many communities struggle with unreliable low bandwidth options, if any, for internet service.

With Konacom, a software based wireless solution can now be used to overcome the deficit quickly and economically.  

For fiber installation, the current estimates show that the rough cost of passing a house with fiber is about $2000. Assuming every 3rd house is a customer, the cost of reaching a new customer is about $6000. If you add the time and complexity of delivering fiber (right of way, trenching or poles, technical complexity), under current plans the payback for fiber would be over 5 years.

In comparison, our software based wireless connection to a residence is a small fracton of that cost. Wireless solutions can be deployed in days or weeks, resulting in an ROI measured in months rather than years.